Payment methods

The introduction of online casinos has undoubtedly brought a revolution to the casino industry. Online casinos are widespread and are accessible in India as well. Indian casino lovers can now get their chance to play all their favorite casino games anywhere, anytime. However, the biggest concern for any online casino player is the security and convenience in deposit and withdrawal of money. But there is really nothing to worry as we, at Live Casino Bonus, provide you with an in-depth overview of the payment methods offered by the online casinos to the Indian audience.

Types of payment methods

There is a list of payment methods that are functional in India. Online casinos are flooded with options for customers’ ease. Take a look!

  • Credit cards

    – In India, any kind of payment done to online casinos are labelled as ‘gambling for real money’. This prohibits the payment option like a debit card to be used in online casinos. However, the condition is not the same for credit cards. Credit cards like VISA and MasterCard are completely functional. The casinos do not transact with the bank directly in the case of credit cards. They take the support of third parties like ‘Payment Gateway’ which in turn communicates with the credit card provider and facilitates payment to the casinos.

Any person willing to use his credit card for casino deposits or withdrawals must only make sure that the card is enabled for international transactions otherwise the payment is destined to fail.

  • Internet banking

    – Making transactions through internet banking is a convenient and safe method to use your money for gambling account. You just need to ask the customer support for payment details and here you are eligible to make payments through internet banking.

However, internet banking has one drawback, which is its slow transaction speed. Depositing money can take up to 24 hrs whereas withdrawals can take up to 10 days depending upon various situations.

  • Mobile payments

    – Mobile payment is one of the easiest payment methods in India. The specific mobile payment hosts that can be used for payment are Paytm, Airtel Money and MobiKwik.

The problem with this payment method is that these are one-way payment methods. These can only be used for making payments, not for withdrawals.

  • E-wallets

    – E-wallets should not be confused with mobile payment methods such as Paytm or Airtel Money. An E-wallet is a place that contains one or more currency wallets that are accessible 24/7 through computer or mobile phones. It identifies the owner not from the place he belongs to but through fingerprint, pin code and two-step verification. An E-wallet, also commonly known as Digital Wallet, can be set up in any currency; Rupees being one of the currencies available for selection.

Features associated with E-wallets like instantaneous payments, high privacy, superfluous compatibility and low transaction fees make E-wallet the best method of payment for Indian online gamblers.


The casinos are operated overseas, so it is important to look for a casino that transacts in INR. Transaction done in INR will avoid currency conversion and hence ultimately result in easy withdrawal procedure.

The mode of payment you have decided to use should be authentic and self-owned. The online casinos are very specific when it comes to paying the player. They don’t want any outside intervention, so, any responsible gambler should make sure of the authenticity of the account for hassle-free withdrawal.