How to play Jhandi Munda?

This traditional board game is very popular in India (originated from Arunachal Pradesh) and is known by various names like Crown and Anchor as well as Langur Burja in Nepal. If you are tired of rolling dice in real life, you can play online Jhandi Munda games for real money! But first things first! You need to get accustomed to the basic rules and methods of gameplay.

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The main aim of Jhandi Munda game

The Jhandi Munda game is played with six dices which are six-sided. On each side of a Jhandi Munda dice, you will find different symbols in the form of a flag, a club, a face, a diamond, a spade, and a heart. You have to bet on which symbol is likely to appear the most (after all of them are shuffled and rolled). After placing your bets, the dice are rolled and the player who placed his bet on the most appearing symbol wins. It’s as simple as that!

The simplicity and ease of understanding of the game rules is one reason why it is loved in India so much. 

How to play Jhandi Munda
How to play Jhandi Munda


In an online Jhandi Munda game, you will find six face dices with symbols like a club. Face, spade and flag printed on their sides. As it is a betting game, one player becomes the dealer while the others are allowed to place their bets on their preferred symbols. The host rolls the dice while the players place their bets. Often times, online Jhandi Munda games allow players to place these bets in a limited time frame. Make up your mind quickly! It’s just like a dice game where you have symbols instead of the numbers 1-6.

If 1 or more than 1 symbols show up, then, the payments are given according to the rules of the Jhandi Munda game.

If you win one Jhandi, you get your initial bet back as well as 1 time the initial bet amount. With 2 Jhandi, you get the same bet amount back plus 2 times the original bet. Similarly, with 3, 4, 5 and 6 Jhandi, you get 3 times, 4 times, 5 times and 6 times the initial betting amount respectively.

Take for example, that you are putting your bet on the Flag symbol. After rolling the dice, 5 flag symbols come faceup. If you had bet an amount of INR100, then, you will get a return of INR 600 (initial bet amount + 5 times the initial bet amount). How cool is that!

In many online Jhandi Munda games, if none of the symbols comes up that holds the bet, then, the host can take all the money placed on that symbol. But if more than one symbol shows up, then, the host has to pay the bet maker according to the betting payouts that we have discussed above. Improve your winning chances by checking out the hot symbols and cold symbols and set up your maximum loss per session to improve your gaming experience.

Concluding thoughts

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