How to play Rummy?

We, at Live Casino Bonus, offer some of the best guidelines for budding Rummy players who are hyped about trying this exquisite card game online. 

If you are planning on learning Indian Rummy, you’re at the right place. Learn the basic guidelines and tips of Rummy online from our experts who have exquisite knowledge in this field. Play Rummy online with real money like a seasoned player with these basic rules.

The major constituents of Rummy online

Rummy has always been a player favourite ever since its inception owing to its easy rules. Take a look at all the important facets that contribute to the popularity of Rummy even today. 

  • Aim of Rummy online

The aim of Indian Rummy is pretty simple. All the player has to do is to arrange the cards in proper sequences and sets. The winner of the game has to make a minimum of 2 sequences (one of the sequences needs to be a valid set and another needs to be a pure sequence). A player must have a pure sequence to make a proper Rummy declaration.

  • Sequences of Rummy online

3 or more consecutive cards of the similar suits are collectively called as a sequence in Rummy online. There are two types of sequences:

Nj Online Poker
Nj Online Poker
  • Pure sequence

If the player has a group of three or more same-suit cards in consecutive order, he has a pure sequence. The player is not allowed to use a Wild card or Joker to form the pure sequence. Example – 2♥ 3♥ 4♥ 5♥

  • Impure sequence

The player can make an impure sequence by forming a three or more same suit card with one or more Jokers. Example – 5♠ 6♠ Q♥ 8♠ (Q♥ replaces 7♠ as Wild Joker)

You can also form a set by forming a 3 or more same-value card group but of various suits. Here, you are allowed to use Jokers or Wild cards to form your online Rummy game set.

  • Card ranking of Rummy online

K (high), Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A

  • The Gameplay of Rummy online

Every player in a game of Rummy is given a certain number of cards from a deck. If there are 2-4 players present in a game, each player gets 10 cards. If 5 players are involved in the game, each player gets 6 cards. If more than 5 players play, then every player gets 7 cards. You can also play a two-player Rummy game with 7 cards each. 

At the initiation of the game, the dealer and the scorer are designated. After dealing the cards, the dealer puts the rest of the undealt cards face down on the table. It is known as the stock and the top card is placed upward beside it as the primary card of the discard pile. The player sitting at the left of the dealer gets to play first. Either the player can take the top card from the stock or pickup the faceup card from the discarded pile. If the player wants, he can put his hand into combinations. If he does not want to do so, he has to discard one card from his hand onto the discarded pile face up. After this, the turn moves to the next player who can either go for the top card from the stock or take the last card of the previous player. If he wants, he can put his cards down in combinations. The game will continue in a clockwise direction until the stock runs out. If this happens, the discarded pile is shuffled and set back as the stock.

  • Tricks and tips of Rummy online

Before you check out our exclusive online Rummy games, make sure that you keep these tricks and tips in mind. We guarantee you that this will help you in optimizing your bankroll. 

  • Try to avoid picking up from the discarded pile as it makes it obvious what hand you are trying to form in certain situations.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot use the Joker to form a pure sequence. Use the Jokers to replace high-value cards.
  • Keep looking for smart cards like the number 7 of any suit which can go well with either 5 and 6 or 8 and 9.
  • Try to form the pure sequence at the start of the Rummy game as you won’t be able to form a pure sequence without a declaration.

Now, that you’re well-acquainted with the rules of Rummy online, register yourself right now and get a chance to play real money Indian rummy online games from our exclusive selection of genuine online casinos. Don’t wait! Check it out for yourself. And, like always – gamble responsibly.