How to play Teen Patti?

Are you looking to try out your hand in the popular Indian game of Teen Patti online? Popularly known as Flush(flash) in several countries, this is a modified version of Poker and is hugely popular among Indian gamblers.

Our comprehensive selection of audited Indian casinos has some of the best Indian Teen Patti online casino games in the industry. Before going down that road, we would highly recommend you to check this tutorial on Teen Patti, so that you can be at your best while trying out your luck!


In Teen Patti game, a pack of 52 cards is used. Just like the usual order, the ranking is made in decreasing order from an Ace to Two. Just like Poker, any number of players can take part in the game, although the gameplay stays the best if 4-7 players are involved.

How to play Teen Patti?

Every Teen Patti live game is initiated by defining the minimum stake. Every player has to wager this minimum bet in the form of chips at the center of the table. Only one player wins the entire amount by the end of the game. The dealer then starts dealing the cards to everyone one at a time until and unless everyone has three cards. The game revolves around who has the best Teen Patti game sequence out of the rest. Before betting, every player has the option to check out their Teen Patti game card sequence or they can play blind and leave their cards face-down on the table.

Hand rankings

The main objective of the game is to showcase the best 3 card hand and maximize the pot before the final showdown. In an online Teen Patti game, the 2s are ranked the lowest while the Aces are ranked the highest. Basically, it is an Indian twist on the popular Three Card Poker game.

Betting TypeAboutProbability*Frequency
Trail (three of a kind)Three cards which belong to the same rank. The highest combination is three Aces and the lowest is three 2’s.0.24%52
Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)Three consecutive cards which belong to the same suit.0.22%48
Sequence (Straight)Three consecutive cards that do not belong in the same suit.3.26%720
Colour (Flush)Three cards that are not in sequence but belong to the same suit. Compare the highest card to compare two colors .5-3-2 is considered as the lowest flush while  A-K-J is considered the highest4.96%1096
Pair (two of a kind)Two cards which belong to the same rank. While comparing two pairs, the one with the highest value is deemed the winner. The lowest pair is 2-2-3 while the highest is A-A-K16.94%3744
No pair (High Card)Three cards which do not belong to the same rank, suit or sequence. If the players have a common high card, then the next high card is considered to determine the winner. The worst combination is 5-3-2 while the best one is A-K-J74.39%16440

*(the probability has been analyzed based on a 52 card Teen Patti game without Joker)

Card variations

  • 10X Boot
  • Hukum:
  • Lowest Card Joker
  • Highest Card Joker
  • Muflis
  • AK47

Basic rules

Teen Patti rules are usually very simple.  The betting is initiated by the player sitting to the left of the dealer and then in a clockwise manner. Every player has the option to bet chips into the pot or drop out of the game by folding. By folding, the player loses all the online Teen Patti chips that he or she had given in the pot from the very beginning of the game.

There is a blind play where the player bets on their cards plainly from their gut feeling without looking at their cards. However, any player can choose to view their card and place the bets appropriately when their turn comes. They can also call for a raise or fold. 

During the slideshow, a player can ask his previous player to show his cards and the player who has the lowest cards is forced to fold. The player who is asked to show their cards can choose to refuse till a third request is made by the other player to show his cards. This parade of showing cards and folding continues until one of the following things happen:

  • One player is left and all the other players have folded. In this scenario, the player wins all the chips that were reserved in the pot despite the sequence he has in his hand.
  • Two players are left and all the rest have folded up. Both of their cards are compared if one player asks the other player to show their card.

Now, that you know everything about the game, head over to our section of handpicked online casinos and begin your Teen Patti game adventure with real money today! Remember to gamble responsibly.