The key features of live casino studios

The technology is evolving at a rapid rate, and the gambling world has so much to offer to casino lovers now. Among the brick and mortar studios with classic tables and dealers all around, live casinos have established itself strongly in the life of gamblers who don’t want to step out of their comfort zone. Merging the phenomenon of land-based studios and online casinos, live studios have received huge popularity among Indian players. With the vintage vibes of the real casino studio and authentic experience of betting online, live casinos are favorite among Indian fans of gambling.

The technology behind the live casinos includes various features, like optical camera recognition, and the live streaming feature. A video link is used to stream the game to players through which they can place their bets and witness everything in the casino. The various aspects of live casino studios make the game more authentic, secure and realistic, which makes the players feel as if they are gambling in a real casino. Here we have listed down the key elements of live casino studios. Have a look.

Web camera

As discussed earlier, the main element of a live casino is an OCR, Optical Character Recognition. With the advancement in technology, dealers have made sure to reach every gambler sitting at any corner of the world, and OCR comes to their rescue as it gathers every action of the real casino studio and serves it to the players without any interruptions. Usually, each table has three or more than three cameras so that the player can switch between various angles to get a perfect view of the table. The sensors are attached to the tables to provide the players with real-time data.

Live chat feature

Live chat feature is the solution when a player wants to interact with the dealer. Apart from that, players can chat with each other and can have a rich social experience. This feature intensifies the object of live casinos as it makes the experience more authentic.

Live dealers

To make the game more realistic, live casinos appoint real humans as live dealers. It helps in gaining the trust of the people who join live casinos from across the globe. Apart from the sense of safety, it also provides the gamblers with a fair chance to follow every move of the dealer and know that the game is being conducted as per the rules.

Technology is blessing the gaming world with each passing year, and this time, Virtual Reality is the trend of the decade. With the help of VR, you can also choose to play with an automated dialer. This way, you can never be short of options and can play the game which suits your requirements.

Game control unit

A control unit is a must when things get digitalized. With digitalization and technology entering the frame in a game that includes money, a safe and secure system is needed that can ensure the players that they are investing their time and money at a right and secure place. GCU helps to keep a record of the game and ensures that there is no interruption while broadcasting the game. It keeps the data of players, the bets they place and the transactions made.

Technology has outlined the experience of gambling in several aspects. Now you don’t have to visit a real casino to catch the vibes of classic tables and spinning wheels. All you need to do is to open an account in a live casino, choose what you want to play from multiple options and you are ready to roll.


Name: The key features of live casino studios
Author : Pratheeksha M.
Published Date: 28/08/2019

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