Live Casino Games are the hottest trend in online casino games. Quality images, high-speed internet streaming, professional dealers, the complete setup and environment look so real that for a moment you forget you are playing on a computer screen and are not in person at the casino.

Live Studios — Bringing Casino to you

The studios are of all importance when playing Live Casino games. The best live casinos have the best studios hosted by professional dealers. To make the games possible, they must put in a lot of effort. There must be a separate room where the whole game is filmed. Loads of cameras to be set up in the room at different and every possible angle so that the players can get the best view and as per their wish. Professional and well-groomed dealers too are essential to attracting players. Then, they must put up the best gaming software and establish hog-speed and secure internet connections so that the games can be streamed live to the players.

The aim of a live casino studio headquarter is to create a real-like atmosphere for the players in a virtual world, to the extent that the experience almost replaces the one that the players get in any brick n mortar casino.

The most popular studios for a live casino in the UK are not actually based in the UK but in various other parts of the world. Most live casino software operators have their studios based in different countries. Here’s a small list of live casino dealers:

  • Evolution Gaming and Playtech have their studios in Riga, Latvia.
  • CWC and Visionary Gaming have their studios in San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • Playtech Asia has its studio in Manila, Philippines.
  • Microgaming has its studio in Toronto.
  • Smart Live Gaming and NetPlay TV stream out of studios in London.

Evolution Gaming has been rated as the best in casino reviews when it comes to Live casino games and mobile casinos. Their premium games are hosted in specially designed casinos in Latvia and run by very professional and attractive dealers. It also offers the largest range of live games, more than any other live gaming studio. The games are streamed at lighting speed and the players are treated to one of the best live gaming experiences.

Microgaming was the brand to open the first ever online casino in the true sense. The company has come a long way since and is trusted by thousands of casinos the world over, but when it comes to quality of live games, the giant still lags the fresh new arrivals in the market.

NetEnt, a comparatively new player, has taken over the gaming market with a storm. The company is accredited with the reputation to launch amazing games with fresh and new content. NetEnt has slowly created a huge market share for itself based on quality games.

Frequently Asked Questions


The main components of a live casino studio may include A good internet connection, Camera, the Game Control Unit, the Wheel (depends on the game), the Dealer and the Monitor.


Yes, but there could be minor differences in languages, streaming technology and selection of games according to the area.


These are the land-based versions of online live casinos, where the land-based casinos operate an on-premise Live Casino studio.


Most studios are in Asia or Europe as of today. Especially Europe where the live dealer casino industry is developing quite fast.


The information on any casino studio should be readily available. If not, it’s best to look for an alternative studio. Also, watch out for the software used and the live stream quality. If there are troubles, stay away from that casino.


There are the cameramen, the croupiers running the games, an IT manager to ensure smooth flow of events and a pit boss.